Lets face it

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday about people who have hobbies and people who don't have hobbies.  Now I have always considered myself a fence sitter on this one - I have things I like doing, but I woudn't necessarily call them hobbies (spelling is clearly not a hobbie of mine). Anyway, after this convosation, it got me thinking.. Do I have a hobbie??

It was late last night/early this morning whilst surfing the internet -as I do best - that I realised.. YES! I HAVE A HOBBIE!
I love blog posting!

Possibly one of the things that brings me the most joy is when I do a great blog post (now you may be thinking this happens all the time - and I don't blame you for being confused) but when I post something that I think is great on my blog.. I feel a great sence of achievement.
This then got me thinking back to grade 12 and I had the most bitchin' MySpace page you ever did see - I was an even bigger MySpace preditor than I am FB - I knew all the html codes, I could (somehow?) crack into other peoples accounts, you name it, I could do it (not really, but almost). I also remember how much I loved doing this.
So this then got me thinking.. maybe what I love doing - my hobbie - is being a creep.
I enjoy prowling the internet, preying on the foolish - sure this may not be a great hobbie, but at least I get joy outta it.

So, in conclusion, I promise to (try) make my blog the most pimpin', bitchin' blotspot you ever did see.
And if that fails, I shall go back to my second favorite hobbie (not failing at life, that's probably third) - knitting!

I took this photo a few months ago when Jacob and I went to this place under the gateway bridge - I think he took me there originally to stab and bury me, but luckily that didn't happen, and I instead had a great day.

I also think I've posted this photo a million times, but I love it because you can see a love heart poking out of the clouds.

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