Is it causing drama?

Yo dewds,
I was just a-thinkin' - is there a difference anymore in being genuinly upset and causing drama?
I think there are so many television shows, movies, books, animal reinactments that have conflict after conflict after conflict with drama coming out of everyone's ears that it's rubbed off on society - women in particular - to the point where if someone has a problem, they are 'just being dramatic'.

In some cases this is true, in some cases it isn't, but in the end.. who would want unnecessary drama?

I'm guilty of being a drama queen in my time just as much as the next person, a drama-god some might say, but maybe just being upset is being confused with being dramatic?

Well.. after having a good few minutes thinking hard about this, I took the liberty of researching what exactally drama was, and this is what I found..
Drama is a unique tool used to explore and express human feeling.
Is that not the same as visibly being upset and expressing yourself to others - in which ever way it may be.  Is that not just talking about how you are feeling, whether it is good or bad?
If this is what it means, then why does it have such a horrible, steriotyped name?

Drama is in every single day life, no matter how small it is.
I don't think there is a person in the world that can honnestly look at their life and say.. yep, I'm drama free, and if there is.. well gooooood luck to you!

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