Die brain

It’s Friday (the crowd cheered, the sound of excitement echoing around the stadium / office)
I’m not going to lie – I’m pretty excited for the weekend.
I have an accurate feeling that this weekend my mind will be going crazy with horrible thoughts and upsetness and what not, so I have barricaded myself in with fun times to try and minimise these thoughts – doubtful, but a girl can dream.

Here’s my agenda for the weekend:

Tonight – most likely nothing, warming up my singing voice perhaps
Tomorrow – Saturday Disney and then movies with my friend Hayden
Tomorrow night – Ugly’s house warming and then Karaoke with VG! (I’m pretty super excited for this one)
Sunday – Movie / hang out day with Chloe (I would die to go to the beach at the moment, so maybe she will join me) – although if this doesn’t happen, I may just put myself to sleep all day and all night until I am back at work on Monday!

So hopefully it will be a fun weekend and said thoughts will be kept to a minimum.

Have a great weekend!!

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