You know I hate sounding melodramatic.. But I don't think anything good has happened today.
Which is weird because I woke up in the greatest mood!

I'm pretty sick of piece-of-shit people getting me down or letting me down. It seems I'm totally surrounded by them.
It's my Nan's birthday today too and when I called her she wasn't home.. so I haven't yet wished her Happy Birthday and it's already 8:12pm!

I kind of wish I could karate-kick eveyone in the head and then go and live in the jungle.

Anyway.. I took this last night:

My new Tritan Blairs - the ones I have been raving about for forever - broke for the fucking third time today, and I even got a new pair made because the first pair broke, and then the day I got them back, the buckle fell off, and then I got them back from the shoe repair man and another buckle fell off.

Can you not rely on anyone anymore to not let you down?
Even the people you don't want to do.

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