Hubble Telescope

Today has been a pretty good day so far, I have been doing my usual prowling of the internet.. However, instead of searching through pages and pages of strangers facebooks and blogs, I have been researching the Hubble Telescope.
I think it was Jacob and his friend Tom who told me about this, after we read it in Jacob’s National Geographic magazine.

Anyway, the other day after reading about the telescope in said magazine, we then watched a video on YouTube about it, so that was the particular article that I read.

Anyway (take 2), on December 18 – 28, 1995 NASA pointed the telescope at this part of the universe that was supposably uninhibited. The space was only as big as a grain of sand held at arms distance. Within the 10 days, 342 photographs of the ‘key hole’ were taken – 276 have been fully processed to date.
What began as an uncertainty as to whether or not there was in fact anything within this seemingly empty corner of the universe, turned into one of the largest space discoveries so far.
What they found was hundreds of millions of galaxy’s – just like the one we are in – in this tiny amount of space, over 12 million light years away.

This is PART of the photographs that was process

I just think this is so interesting.. What if they hadn’t done this experiment? Where would space discovery be now?
I would love to be able to get my head around space, and be able to fully understand it.
Truth be told though, I don’t know that anyone actually can.. I think some things – like space – are so intricate and so amazingly complicated that the human mind just can’t process it – but then again.. I am quite stupid.

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