I'm no creep!

It’s been a busy one today!
So busy in fact that I haven’t done my usual amount of creeping! In fact.. I have done none!
Which I .. enjoy?
No but seriously.. I am enjoying working hard! (that wasn’t sarcasum)

Between working hard today, and not creeping last night, this then got me thinking even more.. Maybe I take back my blog post about how much I enjoy creeping.. maybe in fact I don’t like it at all (bar posting on my blog).

I had a good night last night, filled with many laughs and smiles – mainly due to my Mum’s hair!
But I think it was partly due to the fact that I didn’t spend all night up in my bedroom, surfin’ the web.
It was refreshing!

So I think, as well as doing the crappy my crapstein diet, I will also try to cut down on my creeping, just to see if I do in fact smile more.

I think tonight I'm taking some photo's .. if not with Jerkface, then by myself.
So hopefully within the next few days I shall post some for you all to critique.

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