Beautiful Kate

I just watched the movie Beatuiful Kate with Sophie Lowe.
I watched it again straight after I finished it the first time because I wanted to be sure that I understood it fully.
It's about this man - Ned - who goes home after 20 years to see his dying father and it takes you through all the memories he had when he was an adolescent.  The memories are all about his dead sister - Kate.
Kate (played by Sophie Lowe) is made out to be this beautiful, amazingly special girl - her father's favorite child - when really, she is just crazy.
She was trying to seduce Ned and succeeded once (Ned is her twin brother) and then she died in a car accident and it was later found out that she was also sleeping with their other brother Cliff.

It was kind of crazy because Kate was this amazing, perfect person, but in reality she was so fucked. Whilst it was also romantic that Ned and Kate seemingly had this undying love for eachother, you then remember.. wait a minute, THEY ARE BROTHER AND SISTER!!!!!
It wasn't a fast pased movie, and it wasn't that interesting either, but it was really amazingly good at the same time - hence why I watched it twice (I'm home sick again today).

I felt the need to post about it, just because it blew my mind that much.
The story line is seemingly comes across as more beautiful than sick but the underlying message is fucked up.
I'd probably give it 3 and a half stars out of 5.
I reccommend you watch it!!

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