Zed Nesti

I was just re-reading an interview that I found at www.yatzer.com a few weeks ago with Zed Nesti.
He is this amazingly amazing painter from Rio de Janerio who paints mostly celebrities.

Anyway.. this was one of the questions in the interview:
What is it that drew your attention to all these celebrities you illustrated?
What really is so special about them is that they are not special at all.

I just think that is so interesting, because it is completely true.

Why do we put celebrities on a pedestal when they are really just average people, doing their job – whether that be acting, playing music or being a slut – they are just like everyone else.
They still eat, drink, sleep, feel, I bet they would even criticize themselves just like 99% of the population does.

So then this begs the question – why do we admire them so much?
Why, if we saw one in the street, would we stop and stare and point?
What would go running through your head if someone did that to you?

I’m just as guilty as the next person for secretly loving gossip magazines, but isn’t it horrible to think that there is someone – a celebrity – that the gossip is written about that probably gets upset and frustrated when nasty things are published?

Brainstorm over

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