Work is hard

Me oh my, it’s boredom express today!
It’s only 12:33 and I ran out of things to do about an hour ago.. I have even had lunch already.

I feel really unresolved at the moment and really crazy and on edge – possibly the most unresolved and on edge I have been in a couple of years - it’s unlikely for me to be able to concentrate on anything at all, especially work.
But I did just go shopping (god I love my job)..

I decided that every week/fortnight I am going to buy a new CD to build my collection – partly because Limewire no longer works on my computer, partly because I think having an amazing CD collection when I am 80 that my grandchildren could go through would be pretty cool, partly because I’m bored, partly because I’d like to support the band – anyway, this week I started off with Arcade Fire – Funeral (I literally cannot get enough of these guys at the moment) and Belle and Sebastian – The Life Pursuit (I will never tire of Belle and Sebastian).

I’m pretty excited to go home and have a listen.
It’s Harriet and Andrea’s birthday today! (they don’t know each other) but happy birthday to you both!
As a birthday celebration, I think Kath, Harriet, Chloe and I are going to Lambda at Alhambra this evening.

Ah, I think that’s all the news I have to share, no doubt in the four and a half hours I have to go, I shall post some more.

P.S I hope everyone likes the new heading!
I drew it last night.

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