Lambda, more like Lameda

I just got home and felt the need to blog before bed..
Maybe it was the night air, maybe it was the schweet beatz Jezzy was playing in the car.. but tonight was a dissapointment.

Don't get me wrong, it was potentially good (wow spelling), bar the fifty billion under-age-ers, and the 33 year old guy with a 7 year old that kept following us around (he litterally followed us all night, getting all up in our grill and I was like, yo, wanna fight?) (I didn't actually say that).

I just want a good place to party.
Maybe I should start a club in my basement that I don't actually have (althought we possibly have an attick - I think there is potential there).

Ahh.. Goodnight.
Hopefully sleep will bring dreams of Vivien Westwood

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