And so, the tale begins

Boredom really hits home when it's past 7 o'clock.
So what better time than the present to blog post?

I only have one photo to show, but it's on my phone, however you will most likely find some of the photos here - www.jacoblambert.blogspot.com - in a couple of days/weeks time.

Okay, so, where to begin?
Lets skip past the sleep in's and the preparation of the egg and salad wraps (I try my best), and get straight to hitting the open road.

So we left for O'Reily's at about 11:30, picnic and towel in hand, we drove to Logan, and decided it was time for a smarties/dub-spress stop.
Once that was taken care of, we were back on the highway until we reached the Gold Coast where my kind friend Jacob insisted he surf - dispite the temperature and lack of waves.
While this was being done, I sat on the beach, huddled in my jumper and scarf and read my book - Boy and Going Solo by Roald Dahl (it's actually two books joined in one).  Here's a fun side fact - Roald Dahl was in Africa when the war between Germany and Britton broke out, and it was his job to round up all the Germans and make sure they don't escape back to Germany.
Anyway, once Jacob came in, it was into the hills we went.

We stopped a couple of places along the way to look at the views, but I think we both know that the most important stop was at this AMAZING fudge shop.  I shall say it again.. AN AMAZING FUDGE SHOP.
We came across this purely by accident, only stopping to ask where the next petrol station was, and when we walked inside, we entered heaven..

After much, much deliberation, I myself ordered Mint Chocolate Swirl where Jerkface went for the Cookies n' Cream and Cappacino, although even an AMAZING fudge shop could not deture us from our ultimate goal.

After many wrong turns, the amazing sound of Adam 'soulmate' Green, we finally were on the right track or the 'road to recovery' as some might say (giggles to self).

We stopped on the side of the road to take a photo and I was acting 'tripod' for Jacob, and then a bastard ant bit me.
I have litterally never in my life seen an ant this big, and to proove this, the size of my calf is also the biggest I have ever seen. - might I add I am illergic to ants.

Anyway, after that happened, and my foul mood from earlier came back to haunt me, we set back out to find O'Reilys.  (Might I also add that this was our second attempt and we still got lost).

It was starting to get dark as we started to climb (in the car) the mountain that held O'Reilys on top of it.
We pulled over after a bit to eat the wraps I had made for us earlier - boiled egg, mayo, lettuce, capsicum and carrot.. mmm. and also the AMAZING fudge.

We cut the fudge into thirds so we could have a taste of each.
Boy oh boy, you only needed one third at a time it was so rich, but it was so amazingly delicious too!

When we finally got to the top of O'Reilys it was pitch black, so we didn't get to feed the birds :( :( (^^^) which did break my heart a little, and it was also freezingly freezing cold.
I even ran on the spot for a while! (for those who don't know me, this may not seem like a big deal, but for those who do know me.. you understand why it is).

Anyway, after a few attempts at photo's, we decided to desend.

After a long journey there and back, it can be concluded as a great day.
I'd like to say we should try for third time lucky, but I don't think it will be.
I have resently learnt that if something doesn't want to happen, don't push it, and I think this can be applied to our journey to O'Reilys as well.

And, we made it back just in time for Desperate Housewives!

Note: this was from a family picnic on easter, not our roadtrip

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