It gets cold this tim'a year

Man oh man, lately (I realised today) I have been quite the Sinnical Sally (which was not helped this morning by a $200 fine), and I also realised today, that I would like to change this sad fact.
This might mean saying goodbye to some people and hello to a few more, buying a crossword book, having a clothes-garage-sale, stabbing someone bruttally in the eye - who can tell at this point in time.

I think it's just the general state of the world and the general public that is getting me down.
There are few who are dependable and honnest - both friends and foes.
There are so many rules and regulations that we have to follow, and if we catch the train late at night, we are 'sure to be raped.'

I guess there isn't much I can do to change others though (other than a brutal stabbing).
So maybe changing myself accordingly will work best.

So here is a great thing that happened today:
My new Lonely Hearts dress came in! - I will post a photo shortly

Here is a great blog to follow:

And finally, here is a great picture:

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