You're no fun

It's 10:42pm on Saturday the 8th of May.
I just got home from babysitting and am exceedingly bored.
But I figure there is still at least 1 hour and 15 minutes left in the day to do some creeping.

I have been told I creep better than anyone.

I just made that up.

However.. I think it is not too bold-er statement to make.

I want to hit groove town but a) I'm working tomorrow b) my main groover is at a party in Upper-Brookefield (way, way out west side), and won't be grooving in Sherwood (indahood) for at least another few hours.

So here I find myself, yet again alone, creeping people who don't know me (yet I know everything about them?)

The flip side to this however is I had a great seinfeld-watching day!

On the double-y flip side..
I don't know if you remember (slash if you were a reader) but for my Christmas wishlist I had 'Twiggy - my life in photo's' as one of my wishes, and I bought it yesterday :)
I shall post some photo's when the time is right.

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