Hey Hi

Today has been a day of both gore and glory.. Let me elaborate
I had to wake up at 7 - gore
I didn't have to catch the train to work - glory
I felt a little bit under the weather - gore
I convinced Katherine to let me go home from work - glory
When I got home, they were cutting down  tree in the next door neighbours house - gore
I got home just in time for Seinfeld - glory
The sound was drowned out by the chainsaws next door - gore
I watched a movie and knited my scarf - glory

And now I find myself at the computer, wearing my dressing gown made from pale blue fleece, which is probably a combination of both gore and glory.

In the next week I am going to try super hard to post the following -
Pictures of my new clothes (well, not so new anymore)
A picture of my scarf
Tales of Monday's road trip
And possibly a great story somewhere in the mix.

I am a whole bunch of lethargic energy today so alas, that is all from me.

But that's not all from these guys

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