Weekend Cheers

It's 8:31pm, I've been home for about 45 minutes and pretty much all I have done is creep people on fb.
aaah, such is the life of me.

This weekend has been a great one.
I worked both Saturday and Sunday, but last night it was Chloes birthday - a.k.a. groove-town express.
Should I put up the Elaine dance again? Should I do it? Should I do it?

Yeah.. it never gets old.

I actually don't know why this weekend was as fantastic as it was.. Maybe it was the people, maybe it was the places, who knows really - I do however have a day off tomorrow, and my friend Gaicamo - www.jacoblambert.blogspot.com - and I are going to the coast and then taking a drive to O'relies to feed the birds (^^^) (that's fb chat code for shark about to eat something)

Ah, yeah, I think that's all I have to report.
Also, I've been getting a lot of blog-love, especially from a special-creep of a friend of mine - mik - www.violentgreen.blogspot.com - and I just wanted to say thaaaanks guys :)
You make the posting and the ranting all the more worth while when I know that more than my 24 (yeah that's right) followers are reading.

Hopefully with the greatness of tomorrow (and the greatness of the egg sandwiches I will be making) will come a less lethargic blog post.

P.S It feels really weird posting from my home computer instead of my work one.
P.P.S maybe that's because I haven't turned the lights on in my room yet, I prefered to not waste time and get straight to creeping instead.


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