Damn you Monday, today's a horrible day

I have been so very, very nervous and/or anxious all day today.
Although it’s probably a good thing for Katherine (my boss) though because I have pretty much emerged myself in work like I never have before.

To make matters worse as well, I am defiantly getting sick.
I feel achy and my tonsil is swollen.
To make matters better however, Katherine said I can take a week or so off if I want to get better.
I only went to work 2 and a half days last week due to sickness and I can take the rest of the week off if I like.. Yeeehar!
To make matters worse x 1000, because of my anxiousness and not being able to think/concentrate, it’s only 3 o’clock when it feels like it should be tomorrow.

If someone could please shoot me in the head, that would be great.
Or if you don’t want to shoot me, at least let me tear your eyes out or burn into your skull with a laser.

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