Monday, you still suck, but slightly less

On Friday night I watched The Go Getter on the belated recommendation of my friend.
I had seen it before but it was the first time I had actually taken real notice of what was going on without distractions.
It was a great movie.

This was my favorite scene by far, possibly up there in the greatest scenes of all time.

I recommend you watch it, if not that scene.. actually deffinatly watch that scene.

I haven't much to report since this morning.. I went to Chloe's house for dinner which cooled my anxiousness in the slightest - its always nice to see a familiar face.
We watched WifeSwap - possibly the best show in the world - and I got home just in time for Desperate Housewives.

I feel so achy it is painful to move/breathe/think so I'm going to bed..
Tomorrow its Mike's last day + Katherine's birthday so it's a bit of a party day.. we even get to finish early!
And depending on how I feel, I may take the rest of the week off.

Oh oh! I also got a new outfit on Sunday from VG - www.violentgreen.blogspot.com - which I will be SURE to post within the next few days - I'm serious, I'm not just saying that.

Sleep tight fella's

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