That headband looked ridiculous, I'm sorry, but you can't pull it

Tonight went from greatness to dissapointment and horror all in a heartbeat.
It was Harriets birthday party, filled with jivin' and skippin' and dancin' and then it was outskies which was filled with laughter and Farley (he hates it when I post about him, but he secretly loves it really), and then it went all down the tunnel and ending in tears.

I got pushed into a puddle of egg, I looked after my disorderly friend, I got followed down an alleyway, Jerkface people wouldn't answer my messages (as ever), and then I had to catch a cab home (if you know me, you woud know this is a rare-ity, I'm pro-public-transport), and we stopped at every possible traffic light, we got breathalised, we had pretty much ever inconvinient stop there could ever be to keep the meter rolling.

I'm not going to lie.. I'm pretty mad.

I got this from creeping somewhere - I can't remember where though.

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