Maybe it's just me..

But does every person on fb seem to be starting a blog at the moment?
Maybe that's why I have had a recent uproar of followers (19 now to be precist).

Anyway, misfortune was brought upon me last night when we didn't go to karaoke.  Instead, we met instore and then went and got dinner / drinks at Gilhoulies and then half the troupers left, leaving Koren, Wah and I for a romantic night drinking red wine by the river.
Then after that was done, I wondered the streets for a while, working the corners, beating up young children, before heading home with my friend Jerkob (http://www.jacoblambert.blogspot.com/).

As I was just saying to another friend of mine - it was a groovy weekend, but not as groovy as I would have liked. It was possibly the lack of Karaoke, but luckily, we will be making up for it shortly with a night of lazerforce and karaoke.

I am 90% sure that I have infact previously posted this, but I couldn't resist a repeat.
This my friends, is my father. I get told often we look quite similar


  1. haha charlie. you have posted this before. But i still enjoy it just as immensely. i <3 you

  2. also..it says you have 21 followers now not 19!!!