Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Last night, after my millionth hour online, I watched Vicky, Christina, Barcelona.
It was actually not a bad film.  Quite good to say the least.
It made me realise how I NEED to travel somewhere pronto otherwise I am sure to have an early grave.
Even a trip to the coast would be heavenly at the moment.
I have even resorted to looking up desirable locations on Google Maps (is there anything they can't do) and picturing myself there.
I'm also 90% sure I got prank called at 4:30 this morning.
I didn't even know people still did that.

So anyway, that was last night.
Today I am pottering around the house and watching scooby-doo, I think Chloe may be coming over later and then tonight it's KAREOKE! (wow that was horrible spelling) How I live for Kareoke!
It's just something about hearing the sweet sweet sound of my voice that seems to calm all listeners.. HA!

Then tomorrow I am not sure what I am going to do - any offers??

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