I'm litterally dying

So who's idea was it to not make Thursday a public holiday as well? Because it was a pretty sucky idea!
Right now, I litterally do not have a reason to live..
All my eyes want to do is go to sleep and some fag face of a person keeps messaging me saying 'I'm your sweeet thang' and won't tell me who they are, but I know they are one of my friends, but I haven't added their number into my new phone and when I find out who it is.. THEY WILL DIE.
I am 99% sure it's Farley, that's the kind of annoying thing he would do.
But I'm only kidding if it isn't infact Farley, and you really aren't annoying and I do love you.
Anyway.. work is death.
I slept through my alarm this morning
Pretty much the only thing keeping me sane right now is facebook stalking.

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