An elaboration on last night

Sorry I was so vague last night, I was in a state of tired delirium.
Okay, so it was AWESOME. Deffinatly not the best show I have seen, but it was still pretty great.

So we all met in the city and then went and got dinner (Little Singapore.. Yum Yum!) and then walked / decided it would be quicker to catch a cab to the Convention center (did anyone else know this was in Southbank and not the airport???).
When we got there, we went to get out tickets which Chee had bought for us all, and this is what happened:

Chee: Can I please pick up 9 tickets that were pre-paid via the internet
Lady: Sure, do you have the credit card that you purchased them with?
Chee: I have a bank card, but not the card they were purchased with
Lady: I'm sorry, to pick up these tickets, you need to have the credit card
Us: Fuck
Chee: No one told me that, I have other forms of ID, just not that credit card.
Lady: It is on the TICKETEK website
Chee: So I can't pick up the tickets?
Lady: Unfortuntly no
Chee: Ahh, you listen to me, either you give us these tickets, or I will come behind the counter and get them from you
Lady: You will have to pry them from my cold, dead hands
Chee: (shows skull tattoo and flex's muscles) Bring it on old lady
Lady: (after seeing tattoo and muscles hands over the tickets)
Chee: Thank you (then punches the wall)

Note: This ending may or may not be true

Anyway, after that small panic attack, we went inside to see the show.
(this need not be included, but I shall include anyway) Now, my bladder was pretty full before the show, so while we were just waiting around, I decided I would quickly run to the toilet, but as I was just about to leave... the lights went out and the show started so I didn't get to pee untill the show was over.. It was horrible.

Yeah.. so anyway II, we were kind of far away, but it was still pretty groovy because we had quite a lot of room (thanks also to the guy infront of us who kept dropping bombs).
I'm not the hugest of huge Pixies fans, so I didn't know majority of songs that they played (unlike the lady infront of us who knew every word) but still, even I thought it was a great show.
Some of the background things that they had on the screen where the greatest.

And then, they finished and went off stage and did these Bow things on the screen (pretty sure I posted a picture), and then came on for an Encore where they played about 5 or so songs, and then they went off again and the lights came on, but the audience kept clapping for ages, and then they came back on and played more songs! And it was great.

I also just said and then about 50 000 times.

HAI so that was our most grand night.

Note: If the photo's are shit, I am not a photographer

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