I know I posted 0.2 of a second ago, but I just realised, looking back over my blog, that everything relates to death or dying or skull crushing or just general unplesant things (other than a few plesant things) so for that.. I'm sorry.

Also.. I just bought these groovy new Ralph Lauren shoes off ebay -

Soon I will have more clothes and/or shoes than anyone else in the world at the rate that I am going.

I also have ordered the other day a Lonely Hearts dress from VG (www.violentgreen.com.au) that I am SUPER excited for. Every single thing that Lonely Hearts did this season is unbelieveably amazing. It's so Feminine yet so there was something so androginous and cool (wow, spelling).

I shall post a picture when I get home.

If I don't die before I get there that is.

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