3 Ninja's


Thanks to some creepy lady who likes wearing mens underwear (http://jacoblambert.blogspot.com/).

(incase you havn't read the question, it was what was the movie with the 3 ninja brothers that came out in the 90's and they ride in a limo with their heads out the top).

Thanks Jerkob.

What is this like my 900th post today?
This should demonstrate my boredom.
Does anyone want to do anything/play cards? - Pretty please.

Ahh, that's pretty much all I have to say.

RE: Parents being away, aside from the boredom, we are doing well.  Other than the fact that the internet is out on all computers except one.
Mum really did well by thinking ahead and pre-making our meals.
Shepards pie is in the oven as we speak.

I even cleaned my room! Which (lately) is something that I don't generally do when they are home, so god only know's why I chose to do it when they went away.

Here are some words of wisdom from my lovely friend Farley (pictured a few posts ago with amazing hair)

so when is non sexual lunch?

you couldn't have made lunch
sound worse
if you tried

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