3rd Anual Lord of the Rings Marathon

So once a year, Ugly (my brother) and I have a Lord of the Rings Marathon.

This one I fear didn't go as well as past years, this is account of a few things:
1. there were easter eggs present
2. we both fell asleep

ahh, thats pretty much it.
Once you fall asleep during Lord of the Rings, you are pretty much doomed as far as following the story line goes.
However, here we both are, 6 hours later, still only up to movie number 2.
Part of me realises that I am only still watching it, not understanding, to follow on with tradition although the other half of me realises that I am only still watching because there are easter eggs present / I have nothing else to do.
This is maybe another reason I couldn't take it seriously this year -
Well, Happy Easter!

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