I'm so bored I could die

Well, this is my 101st post!
Today is Sunday, and I litterally have not done anything, infact I am still in the clothes I was wearing last night (kinda gross).
It's been a pretty good weekend this weekend.
I got my much needed jive on Friday night, then hung out with a friend on Saturday, and then Saturday night was followed with more jiving and another sleepover, and then Sunday (today) has contained much boredom.
I got home from my friends place and sat on the end of my bed and I'm not sure quite what happened, but I woke up a couple of hours later not even realising that I had fallen asleep.
I just watched the end of Breakfast at Tiffanies which I started watching last night.
That is maybe, deffinatly my favorite movie of all time. Audrey is just amazing in everything she ever does.
I think I might go and sit outside with a nice glass of milk.


  1. we should watch this film sometime i own it. it actually (as much as i dislike cats) made me want to get a cat. and name it cat. isn't audrey just delicious. people just aren't like this anymore sighsigh.

  2. was the film breakfast at tiffanies?