I feel slightly more human after coffee

ajdf;klajsdflkajsd;lfkjas;dfjasdjklf Oh my god.
I was just perusing the VG Blog (http://www.violentgreen.com.au/) and THEY HAVE JUST GOT A DROP OF KAREN WALKER!
It was already on the cards to pop in and buy a skull ring.
But now that I have seen this.. I think my bank account may not survive.
This season Karen Walker was AMAZING.. Maybe the most amazing ever.
I'm deffinatly going to die at some point today.
I don't think I disliked a single thing she did this season.

I particually loved this blue coat she did. It just makes my heart sing -

And this whole outfit I would gladly die for.

Me Mo My!
I'm in money-spending heaven!

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