Please sir please!

I applied for a credit card last week, and it arrived today.. I think by next week I will have died of debt.
It's exciting though! imagain all the things I can buy without even having to pay for them!
On another note,
This is the hair I always hope and dream of.

Wouldn't it be the coolest thing ever to have vaguely purple hair.
This was in the May 2009 issue of Vogue. It's creepy, but I have probably looked at it like ten billion times, I still have the magazine inface. I am a magazine collector, and I like to keep them in date order and magazine order on my bookshelf.
I also love love love coffee table books.. If you ever want a way to my heart, it's through a coffee table book. The one I'm looking at at the moment is Twiggy: a life in photographs.

This would be another way into my heart:

Or a dark room full of the best music to ever dance to that I can jive to, to my hearts content.
Such as this song:

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