Oh rain!

I do love love love love this rain!
I think the only time it wasn't raining today was on my walk home from the train station when for just those few minutes the sun decided to come out and rape me and my eyes.

I feel like I haven't posted in ages.. and like I had a crazy 2 weeks of non-stop blog updating that somehow died and became a rarely updated blog.


It's been the craziest weekend this weekend.
Clubhouse final night was lastnight before it moves to Rosies. (clubhouse is an event on Thursday-Sunday at corner bar)
So that was fun, we sent it off in style. So much style infact that it is painfull to walk today.
On another note though.. MY SHOES ARRIVED!! They are so amazingly amazing. I just want to wear them everywhere, even to bed!
I also got 4 pairs of coooooool socks! If you know me, you will already know that I do love my socks. I have this crazy obsessive thing where I can't wear shoes without socks AT ALL unless they are sandals. I also can't take my shoes off when I am in public. Unless I am trying on other shoes.. It's kind of creepy, but hopefully stylish-creepy, but probably more just plain creepy.

I'm so sleeeepy, I feel like I haven't done anything preductive this weekend/the past week. Infact it's been so un-productive I can't even remember what happened.. All I know is I woke up and this was in my wardrobe:

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