I'm at work.. and I just went kettle shopping for a kettle for our office. I may, or may not have gone a little crazy. I think the homeware section of David Jones is my calling.
Take a look at this amazing chandelier that I found on the internet

So anyway, other than that I haven't really been doing anything.. I've been staying with my nan the past few days.
She's so cute. We played cards for about 6 hours. It got intensely compeditive.. but in the end nan always wins.
Cards is maybe the only reason other than the obvious (cookies) that I go to my nans place. I could play cards all day every day. My ideal date would be a game of cards with cold rock bubblegum and cookie dough icecream on the side and I would be on the date with Billy Conolly, the man who stole my heart.

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