Monster from the Deep

My ultaimate fear: the Mexican walking fish, also known as the axolotl.
The Axolotl and I first met in a pet shop when I was ten, and after that incounter I was too scared to go swimming, even in swimming pools, just incase they were waiting underneath the water's surface for me.
Waiting for me to drop my guard so they could ATTACK!

As much as these scare me, I can't help myself but occasionally take a peep at them down at the local pet store, or google image them.
Because as much as they scare me they also fascinate me. They are just so creeeeeepy!!

On another note, it is now exactally one week untill I'm the big 1-8. So adulthood, here I come!! What I can't wait for is to open up my own Video account that doesn't have excess amounts of fines, so, like tomorrow, when $1 tuesday comes around, I can be in on the action. I am also looking forward to being able to open up an ebay account so I can do some buying and selling of secondhand goods. Maybe make a little bit of extra mulah off some stuff I don't want - One man's trash is another man's treasure.

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