Making the Birthday Skirt

I am finally posting some of the pictures of the process of making my skirt that I wore for my birthday. I'll just give you a bit of a run down first though- it was made out of a lovely oyster-white silk with an off white chiffon over the top. As you will see when I post up the final picture, it's just a fairly simple gathered skirt with a zip up the side.

I don't know if I mentioned it in my earlier posts, but the skirt was originally intended to be a bustier dress, but the pattern didn't really work out too well, so it became a skirt instead.
Cutting out the pattern
Starting to sew
Cutting out the inner bustier padding

Starting on the skirt when the dress didn't work out

Me relaxing whilst mum is busy sewing away

Final touches

And there you have it, the makings of my beautiful new skirt!

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