18th Birthday

Well, what a great birthday week!!
Last night I had my 18th Birthday Party. It was a lot of fun! I just had a few of my friends around for macaroni cheese and cocktails before heading out for my first legal night on the town.
We had Pina Colada's and Champange which both tasted delicious and went down a little too easily.
I got all soughts of beautiful presents like jewellery, candels, alcohol, picture frames. I am very very lucky!!
Here's a picture of the 'opening of the presants' - thank you everyone!! I loved everything so much!

After the party was over, a few people (including my brother PJ and his girlfriend Holly) came into the valley. I split up with the group and first and went and had a drink at Ricks with PJ and Holly. A few moments later I got a call from Lib saying that she had been denied entry so her and Alle where heading home. That put a slight damper on the evening, but it was still very very fun. After Ricks, I then met back up with my friends at Empire which was where we stayed untill about 4.30am. After a quick stop in at a friends place, we finally crawled into bed at 5.45am.
It was a great night and thanks to everyone who came to the party! I had a lovely night!

I have been too spoilt this birthday! Even my lovely work collegues bought me a Karen Walker dress that they knew I have had my eye on.

Shhaaaaanks guys!!

I also made another purchase of my own as a present to myself which I wore last night with a cropped Nathan Smith Tee and a Creamy coloured silk and chiffon skirt that I made (I will post up photo's of the skirt later)

Soon I am going to need a bigger wardrobe!

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