Top 5 Michael Jackson songs

1. Thriller
2. Smooth Criminal
3. Black or White
4. Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough
5. The Way You Make Me Feel

Well, I don't know about you, but I am really getting into these 'The Life and Death of Michael Jackson' tributes showing round the clock at the moment.
Never quite being in the Michael Jackson listening age bracket, I never proberly heard any of his songs or watched any of his film clips untill just now.
Boy.. he was AMAZING! He could dance sing AND he was such a heart throb in his early 20's. And it is also good to see Macaulay Culkin in some of his film clips - he was always my childhood film star crush, and let me tell you, when I fell for him, I fell HARD, I must have watched Home Alone a million times, wishing I was stuck in New York with him.
So all in all, it's a tradgedy that he has died, the current viewing material on non-foxtel chanels has really made my mid-week evenings more interesting.

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