A final fairwell

Hi again friends,

Scrap that former post.
I decided that I will no longer be posting on this blog.

The reason being, that the main time I was posting, back in 10/11, that was and still is a pretty sacred time for me.
I don't want to taint the internet remains of that time with the useless drivel that I have to talk about now.

If you want me, you can find me other here - www.chuckandthefern.blogspot.com

Original hey?

I was going to go with Chuck in the Ground, and then I thought that sounded a bit to steady and depressing. Like it was one step away from Chuck in the Grave. I have a fern beside my bed. And I didn't want to stray too far from the whole tree scene.

Anyway, hopefully you will still be my friend on a different page.

It's been a good 5 years since I started posting.
I appreciate everyone who has bothered to follow me, and even the strangers that have left comments telling me that I'm a sicko on my posts (THAT WERE JOKES) about killing bunnies,  telling me I should see a dentist or expressing their confusion or medical opinion on my post title 'my mouth is numb but my teeth hurt' which was merely just me expressing whatever I was expressing, it was not a literal statement.
It's been a good 5 years. And this blog, for at least 10/11 was a huge part of that.
More than anything, if this blog never existed I wouldn't have met one of my favourite people.

So, I will leave it, untainted with my new opinions, but swimming with the memories of old ones.

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