Having purple, relatively long hair does have it's benefits, such as being a strange attraction to young children and creepy men, but maintenance is something that is forever on-going, time consuming and something that I don't have paitence with.
Luckily Mum does.  She just spent the past 45 minutes brushing all the knots out of my hair and saying 'wow, it's getting long'. 
I am not left with silky smooth hair.

Come summer, I think I am probably going to cut it all off.

Which may not be a bad thing.
Ahh, this week has been so hectic, I have worked, and worked, and worked with little to no time for fun.

Hopefully this week will make up for it.
On Wednesday Ty and I both have the day off, so to celebrate, we are going to New Farm Park to play on the swings and climb the trees.

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