"When I was in Darwin, the only time I used my legs was to walk to the bar to get another drink".

I just smashed a glorious amount of food.
I'm so full.

In other news.. we have the internet now at home, so no more sitting out the front in the middle of the night stealing our neighbours!

Yesterday Gabby and I were having party, party, hang times, minus some party, add some tea and we looked at each other and realised that we are no longer having a great time failing at life, but more just failing at life.
Sure, we are still having fun, but fun becomes less fun when everyone else has real jobs or is going to uni, but you are still waking up at 1:30 in the afternoon after a big night of doing nothing, because your life is one huge holiday.

But on the plus side, Jack is taking us to the beach tomorrow :D

Or if he doesn't, he will wake up and his bedroom will be one huge practical joke that will make him contemplate his own suicide.

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