Meow is slang for cat

Welcome back to my neglected blog!

I have been busy prioritising fun times > posting on blog.
Sorry pals!

It's the first day of holidays!!
I plan to go crazy, broadway style and run a-muckas around town.

Here is my holiday to do list:
1.  Go to beach as much as possible
2.  Go back to Nimbin and preferably stay there for a while
3.  Go to Tom's house in the mountains
4.  Do design assignment .. boring
5.  Have a front-yard picnic with paints again
6.  Get driving licence (ha!, but still very do-able)
7.  Go to GOMA
8.  Go to state library
9.  Go on a road trip with Gabby and Aru to somewhere nice and stay there for a while

I started today by getting the gross stuff - cleaning my room, doing my washing - outta the way, so I have maximum enjoyment of the next few weeks!

Above is the song that started the Postal Service.

James Tamborello (Dntel) was an electronic-al musical wizz and did collaborations with all different artists which he then put onto an album.   When he did a collaboration with Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie, ultimate dream boat) they enjoyed the sound so much, they started the Postal Service.
Cool Huh!



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