Outrageous Fortune

Tomorrow I am going to Sydney!
I planned to spend tonight packing, but alas I came home and forgot all about it when I saw that Kat was watching Outrageous Fortune (my new absolute favorite show).

In this household, we go through stages of watching TV series where that is basically all we do until we get to the end, and at that stage we will either start getting on with life and doing other things, or start a new one.

Outrageous Fortunes is this New Zealand show about this horrible family.
When Kat told me about it when I first moved in, I thought it looked lame, but after watching just one episode I couldn't get enough of it and had to peel myself away from the television so that I could go to bed.

Unfortunately, as per usual, I have left everything until last minute and will have to pack before I go to work tomorrow :(.

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