I'm back, did you miss me?
Stupid question.. of course you did!
I actually got back on Friday night, but I haven't had time to post.

The mountains were amazing!
We stayed in my lovely pal Tom's parents house while his parents were away.
It was fucking awesome to get away and be totally out of everything and to go to the beach and little towns for lunch by day, and have secret mind party's by night.

I took heaps of photo's but, forgive me, I haven't uploaded them yet as I have been slack and lazy + busy and I am currently at my parents house doing 'assignments'. 

I think now that after going away, spending some time with this new lovely friend and having time to think (even if it's not with the clearest of head spaces), I feel that I have finally got my shit together.
This past year it has been total chaos with partying, sleep deprivision, un-organisation, and busyness - Four things I would not have stood for before but am sliding into quite easily.  But I feel now that I can have a good mixture of these things, along with being organised, and being responsible.

I feel happier now than I ever have before :)

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