My flatmate just got stood up by Justin Beiber

Today brings some need of lightening the mood, due to a more than average dream.
So I have chosen to post my top five dream men.

Starting off we have Adam Green.
Singer, songwriter, all round dream boat, not only is he a wizz in the music-making industry, but he is also a wizz at Rockwiz as I discovered, amazed and swooned to the max, one night.  Not only is he one of my favourite artists, but I hear he is a wizz in general life too ;).

Next there is Matt from Matt and Kim.
This fantasy is only made better by the fact that I have spoken to him twice.
Matt has it all, good looks, charm, humour, general chilled-out-ness, and killer music.
Refer to Big Day Out posts.

Next is the guy that works in Card and Caboodle in Queens Plaza.
Unfortunately I shall not post a photograph as that would be overly creepy if he over came across this post (it is creepy enough as is).
What I would do to be in his arms though..

Coming up in fourth place is Brett Netson.
Some call him a hairy beast, I call him absolute dream boat.
He is one of the Guitarists from Built to Spill.  When we saw them play at Peats Ridge and then at The Zoo, my eyes didn't part from his beautiful face.

Fifth, but by no means last is Demetri Martin.
He is a comedian and part-time dream boat.
I have one of his live CD's that I listen to when I clean my room.  It also cleans my soul.

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