Paradise Period Falls

Yesterday Chloe and I attempted to go to Binna Burra for a picnic, unfortunately, because I have the most amazing directional skills, I got us lost and about half an hour off track. We still stopped at this picnic place which turned out to be pretty amazingly beautiful.

My camera died, just as I switched it on, but luckily the iPhone has a pretty phenomenal camera.







After we got back, we had a girls night with Ally which also involved a visit from Lewie who is a charming young gentleman that lives down the road.

Lately I have been having the greatest times with my friends.
I think I have finally got my priorities in order and I doubt that I will ever change from the way I am prioritising now as I now realise this is how it should be.

Now all I need is a pal who will do road trips with me every weekend!

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