I just got fired.. basically

So today, I started my normal Friday, work at VG, then the mad rush to get to Crubar for work at 4.  
When I arrived at Crubar, bright and cheery, despite the fact that I was wanting to die from sleepyness, I was told that my RSA is invalid and I would have to leave and never come back, until I got a new RSA.

Whilst this is both excellent, because I want to go to bed early, it is also rather inconvinient, as I won't get paid this week.. bummer.

I also keep thinking it's Saturday.

Tonight I think I will stay home and do my assignments, as I haven't started and they are all due next week.
Would anyone like to come hang out? (please say yes).

I took these aaaaaages ago on the same night from the last post with my Daddy.

I'm fucking hungry.

Photography 075

Photography 101

Photography 017

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  1. :( oh no! i hope that you'll be ok Charlie. x