The exciting life of a sandwich

Today, I got up early to watch Saturday Disney - my usual Saturday routine, but unfortunately it was canceled due to the earthquake in Japan.. damn earth.

I then didn't know what to do with the day, as my plans went something like this - 
Wake up, watch Saturday Disney
Sewing until 4:30
Work at 5

The reality of my day has gone something like this - 
Wake up, watch Sunrise hoping Saturday Disney would shortly follow.. it didn't
Watch 2 episodes of Gossip Girl
Walk to night owl, having a lucky giggle the entire way for some reason
And now I am watching Honey, contemplating whether or not I should start on my sewing.

I did however this morning find the greatest website called 'Scanwich' which is sandwiches that have been scanned into the computer.

Here are some delightful pictures from it

How deliciously entertaining is that!

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