Brendan's TV

Last night I went out for a few drinks after work with two of my work pals.
One of the pals lives just around the corner from me and I found myself, once again, at his house until the sun rose watching tv.

What makes this interesting is not specifically the scenario, but more what was on the tv at the time of watching.
On the variety of channels we had to choose from (he has more than I do) there was:
1. 7th Heaven (YES!!!)
2. Jesse Dublantis Ministries (Jesus Preaching)
3. That's Fishing
4. Home shopping
5. Weather man and Music
6. Is it written (Jesus Preaching)

Now, I don't know about you guys, but that was a little too much Jesus Preaching for me.
In our vulnerable states, I think we actually got a little sucked into it.

But more to the point is, who watches these shows?? Young children whilst they wait for their cartoons?  Teenagers who are lighting up and wanting something to think about?  Adults who are considering an early grave?
I'm not sure, but it was very convincing.

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