The year of the Rabbit

This year, in Chinese New Year, is the year of the Rabbit.
The Rabbit brings good luck.

The Chinese New Year commenced on the 3rd of February (Thursday).
I really believe that this is true.
I feel luckier already.
Whilst I had a pretty crappy Saturday/Saturday night, by Sunday I had come to the realisation that things are turning around and that I needed that push out the door to get on with things.

On top of this, I started tafe this week and I have made 2 friends, PLUS I have just got a job in a bar down the road, which means plenty of mulah to go around.

I also dipped my hand in the cooking jar tonight and made dinner for Chloe and I.
By dinner I mean I put pasta in a pot and then put some sauce on it.
It didn't taste that good, but at least I tried.

This is also the best fucking song

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