Late night Spiel

I was just writing before, trying to eliminate some of the baggage that clutters my head and I thought I would write a short spiel on it.
My mum told me that when she was young, she dated/lived with a man for six years.  They loved each other (obviously) but she hasn't seen him since the day she moved out.  She thinks he is now dead.  She says she feels something in her bones that tells her he is dead.  She can't find him on Google either or any information about him anywhere.

It got me to thinking, how sad it is that you can spend so much time with someone and give them your heart completely for a while, but then never see them again.  Will you wonder for the rest of your life what happened to them, what they are doing and where they are now?
Will you never think about them again?
Will their always be a little piece of your heart that belongs to them and vice versa?

I think I find that the hardest thing to wrap my head around.. harder than anything else.

It's crazy how people can walk in and out of our lives so quickly that we can't even remember what it felt like to see them and speak to them all the time.
They become a stranger in what could have been a realistic dream or past life.


Peat's Ridge drive home ^

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