Oh to die, with $2 by my side

This morning, at the early hour of 8:35 (intriguingly early considering that we did not go to bed until 5:00), my Mum came to collect me and take me back to the Chauteu de Creep for the next week so that I am safe from harms way and out of the floods.

I packed my bags and left with her arriving home at approximately 10:14am.
We then joined my lovely Father on an expedition to the river, to try and get sight of just how force-full and destructive the river has been. 
I was amazed..
River side properties around my area were completely flooded.

It was then, at approximately 12:46 that I decided to go home to my own home, instead of imposing my foul stench on my parents any longer.
My Dad dropped me, my two heavy bags and a basket at the train station and I then began my long voyage home.

This now becomes the story of how I escaped the floods, with nothing but luggage and a two dollar coin.

After realising earlier in the morning that I had left both my phone and wallet at home, I asked my Dad for $2 before heading on my merry way.

When I found myself on platform 2, I began talking to a man who's wife was on the train coming from the city and how it may not be possible to catch a train back into the city, due to severe flooding in Auchenflour.

I waited my time for the next train to arrive and give me the verdict (1 whole hour in fact).  About 30 minutes in, I thought 'fuck this, I'm just going to catch a cab' and dialled the number from the station pay phone using my $2 coin, the lady on the other end told me that it would be there as soon as it could.
Half an hour later, still no cab, but the train had shown up, so onto it I jumped.

It took off at a steady pace, but then after about 30 metres, the power suddenly cut. 
The passengers becoming stranded in a broken down train, halfway between flooded and more-flooded.

An hour or so after this happened, we were evacuated from the train and loaded onto a new one which kicked off into full speed.
Railing through the suburbs, I found it unbelievable how much was actually flooded.

In Chelmer, all the ovals where completely gone and the houses where halfway under.
However, it was when we got to Auchenflour that trouble really struck.

I have never in my wildest dreams seen anything like it.
Houses where almost completely gone.
The streets where nothing but a glassy lake of water as far as the eye could see.
There was about 2 feet between the rail-bridges and the water that once was a road.
All of the buildings around Suncorp Stadium where filled with water, as where those along Coronation Drive.

I made it to the Valley without a fuss, however it was then when I had to unload myself from the train and set out on the long walk home that things became difficult.
You see, I was carrying about 20kg worth of luggage and when you are walking about a kilometre ladened down with baggage, it's not such a nice feeling.
Needless to say when I got home, I rewarded myself with a SupaDupa and a sit outside in the cool breeze.

So there you have it.
How to survive the flood with only $2, Chuck style.

Due to the fact that I am lame and have no pictures of the flood, here are some pictures I took in Sydney.

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