Passing of the Trophy

It’s great to wake up after a night out with friends and think ‘I did absolutely nothing to make a fool of myself last night.. I was completely in control of my actions, everyone thought I was witty and charming and this morning I feel on top of the world’.

Unfortunately I feel quite the opposite of this today.

It seems I did absolutely everything in my power to make a fool of myself last night. It is questionable to say I was in control – particularly when I found myself wedged on the floor between a stone wall and a skateboard. Am I still charming when I fall asleep on your bathroom floor with no shirt on? Yes, I think I am.

Karaoke just get’s the better of me.. every time.

But in all honesty last night (VG Christmas Party) was the bomb-digidy of all great nights out!
Thanks so much for such an awesome time guys!!

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