Me Oh My!

Good afternoon Gentlemen and Gutter hoars.
How are you all today?
Good? Good!

Today I shall become that annoying genital rash that you try and try to get rid of, but never fully goes away and you are left with the remnants of for the rest of your life..
Wait a minute – that’s me every day!! :D

So how is everyone feel about Christmas?
Like it’s an obligation to buy everyone an amazing gift that leaves you bankrupt until your next pay day? Hey! That’s how I feel too!
I went to lunch with Chloe today and I nearly died trying to fight my way though crowds in the mall.
Nobody walks fast, there are so many school kids, there are SO MANY PEOPLE.
A lady bumped me pretty hard by accident, so I turned around and said sorry, but she kept on walking, so I added “bitch”.

Mature I know.

I hate how everyone goes crazy over Christmas.
And then the people that wouldn’t normally go crazy, go crazy anyway because everyone else is crazy.
That’s why Chloe and I got food and escaped to our quiet spot that has become somewhat of a trend on our lunch dates – Queens Gardens.

On the plus side it’s 2:13! Work is nearly done for the day!
Then I will go home and paint my nails then cuddle with my teddy, as I need a big cuddle.

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